• The concept of the Strategic Quality Support System (SQSS) and its adoption at rural hospitals has produced enumerable benefits. Not only is it designed to monitor, maintain, and meet quality standards but also reinforces accountability of an organization’s staff and identifies, from the larger quality perspective that includes but is not limited to human resource management, safety, infection prevention and corporate compliance, the scope of work required of hospital support staff. Arizona’s hospitals currently using SQSS have benefited significantly as attested by the positive results of their annual state licensure review showing a decrease and/or no state licensing citations. Managing the hospital’s quality process through this computer based system has proved to be efficient, timely, and well worth the investment. 

    Joyce HospodarManager, Health Systems Development Center for Rural Health
  • The SQSS program is a user-friendly and integrated quality tracking tool which can be placed right into the hands of professionals who must be responsible for a myriad of tasks everyday in order to comply with the numerous rules, regulations, and standards of healthcare today. Evermore, it is a proactive and deliberate method where people can fully engage in genuine and meaningful quality monitoring all on the same platform, which in turn helps drive excellent patient outcomes.

    Joe Stratton, Chief Executive OfficerD.B.A., F.A.C.H.E.
  • Two of Human Resource’s biggest areas of compliance are employee licensure and training.  The Strategic Quality Support System tracks compliance through tasks that are easily setup in the system.  Reports are easy to access so I can quickly see where any issues might be.  I like the monthly informational webinars for those employees beginning to use the system and for those with advanced knowledge.  Overall the SQSS system is a tool that I use to stay on top of quality compliance. 

    Susie Shupp, PHRDirector of Human Resources, Nemaha County Hospital