How do you balance safety and new technology?

The past three decades have been a time of great change for heath care. Its transformation into a technologically-advanced industry has introduced great opportunities to advance the health and well-being of the American people. It has also made the delivery of care much more risky. How a provider manages the line between innovation and safety determines its financial, operational and reputational success.

Our system helps healthcare providers manage their safety-critical environments in real time.

While health care’s technology has done a great deal to advance the quality of life for people with illness and disease, it has also introduced a lot more risk into the delivery of care. Weak safety practices that allow too many risks to cross the line not only hurt patients; they hurt health care. They foster financial, operational and reputational losses that force providers to spend too much on fixing the past at the expense of growing the future. Strategic Quality Support System (SQSS) is a tool specifically designed to help today’s providers hold the line so more time, money and manpower is available for that next opportunity to advance the future of health care.

Holding the line for quality focuses on a type of proactive risk prevention where defenses woven into the day-to-day life of an organization keep harm-producing errors from breaching the line between innovation and safety. It is this balance that determines the level of risk that exists for health care and its patients as the industry uses all its technology to advance care. SQSS works together with the healthcare team to create the increased capacity for building a line of defense that can protect both providers and patients. It supports advancing safety in resource-wise ways in an environment where the success of health care lives in the shadow of protecting the public.

The tool is tailored for managing a large number of defenses in an environment where the average 100-bed hospital can easily need to manage as many as 10,000 basic safety defenses annually; a number that has exceeded the industry’s human capacity to manage without devastating the time caregivers have to dedicate to the direct care of patients. SQSS does for the caregiver what clinical technology does for the public.  It takes what they can experience and accomplish inside the patient care environment to a level that even the most dedicated caregiver would struggle to achieve without it.

As health care’s type of technological innovation grows, threats to patient safety also increase. Holding the line between innovation and safety protects health care because it protects the patient. Those who effectively and efficiently hold the line tend to retain a higher percentage of earned dollars, have less costly operational structures and generally enjoy stronger reputations that foster greater customer loyalty.

See our system in action.

SQSS creates a second memory for the average member of the healthcare team with unlimited capacity without getting tired. It helps each team member to manage large volumes of quality contributions and information without maxing out.

SQSS remembers what has to happen, when it has to be done, who has to do it, who becomes responsible when the primary doer is absent, how often an activity should be validated based on its safety-critical nature, and who the validator should be. It reminds staff when an activity is due, collects the information necessary to monitor and manage the integrity of the line, notifies leadership when something is not done or is out of compliance with current standards, manages communication for the timely resolution of risks that are crossing the line, generates key real-time reports that allow quality to be managed for success, automatically rolls data up into easy-to-use leadership reports that tell the health of the line at-a-glance and facilitates the leader’s ability to quickly drill down into large volumes of data to isolate the root cause of a weakness in the line.

To save time and money, SQSS can bring efforts of the 19 specialized quality functions important to holding the line together in one place. It provides that 30-thousand foot view that allows the busy leader to keep an eye on today while planning for the future. It supports the practice of “big quality” so that it is easier to hold the entire line, not just pieces of it.

Safety Defenses
To help hold the line for quality care, our system can help to manage 19 different categories of defenses.

  • Resource Utilization
  • Privileging
  • Credentialing
  • Service Recovery
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Continuing Education
  • Patient Satisfaction Management
  • Patient Advocacy
  • New Employee Readiness
  • Contract and Outsource Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics
  • Information Privacy and Security
  • Environmental and Patient Safety
  • Personnel Growth and Development
  • Professional Appropriateness and Growth
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Infection Control
  • Employee Health

We built our system on four principles, based on 30 years in safety-critical environments.