Why use SQSS?

We built our system on four principles, based on 30 years in safety-critical environments.

Identify risk and track performance.

Our system shows you what is happening in your organization right now, so you can target risky areas and zero in on opportunities for better performance without all the costs and time that come with manual approaches. The system allows leaders to bring all quality data together in one place to support the practice of “big quality”. With a few simple clicks, as demonstrated here, leaders can start with the big picture and quickly drill down to the details that lets them know the status of each quality-related activity and who is making the necessary contributions to make quality strong. The system does the heavy lifting in managing the safety of the environment so caregivers can dedicate more time to the care of their patients.

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  • The SQSS program is a user-friendly and integrated quality tracking tool which can be placed right into the hands of professionals who must be responsible for a myriad of tasks everyday in order to comply with the numerous rules, regulations, and standards of healthcare today. Evermore, it is a proactive and deliberate method where people can fully engage in genuine and meaningful quality monitoring all on the same platform, which in turn helps drive excellent patient outcomes.

    Joe Stratton, Chief Executive OfficerD.B.A., F.A.C.H.E.

See our system in action.

My team and I created SQSS to protect health care and the people it serves from the potential for harm that lives in today’s technologically-advancing and safety-critical patient care environment. The tool is the product of more than thirty years of experience in healthcare quality, risk management and leadership along with my personal experiences as a patient who faced the potential for harm and death associated with five serious errors during my cancer care. Recognizing that the old paper-based manual approaches to quality management deliver too little too late to keep health care and its patients safe, my team and I went to work building SQSS with the goal of making it easier to protect the patient/provider relationship and free up the manpower and resources needed to keep growing what is great about the industry. It became obvious watching my caregivers and listening to my clients that what hurts health care is not a situation where people do not care and are not working hard enough. It is the product of an environment that has become too much for people to manually manage. The old-school approaches that health care relies on rob too much time from the patient/provider relationship and keeps the margin for error too high. Strategic Quality Support System is a tool designed to work hand-in-hand with the industry’s workforce in cost-effective ways to reduce the risk of harm, advance the quality of what the industry can deliver and find more time for the all important activity of taking care of our patients.

– Darlene Bainbridge, CEO